Kabbalah Amulet Self Love

Kabbalah Amulet self love

kabbalah Amulet: Self Love - i belong only to myself

The 72 Names of God: Unconditional Love – The love of others allows us to achieve true joy and spiritual wealth. It removes darkness and creates harmony between us and other human beings, and between humanity and nature. This name inspires self-love and dissipates resentment and bitterness that may arise after an argument with our loved ones, and reminds us that we cannot love others if we do not have a love for ourselves.

♦ ה.ה.ע ♦ The Zohar Sacred Name of God

Hebrew Letters: He, He, Ayin

♦ Hebrew: הנני היום עומד – ה.ה.ע

♦ Meaning: “Here I stand today”

♦ Function:  Self love is a weapon of light, removes inner darkness and creates harmony with your soul.

♦ Hebrew letters in side king Solomon’s seal: אני שלי

♦ Meaning: i belong only to my self ! 

Kabbalah Amulet self love