Kabbalistic Astrology - Kabbalah Tree Of Life and Your Destiny

Kabbalistic Astrology IS NOT about fortune telling! A Kabbalistic Astrologer will never tell you what the future has in store for you!

The only thing he will share with you are the important signs that the universe is sending you, how to look for them and how to learn from them.

And if you start paying attention, you will realize that the universe is sending you signals all the time that show you where you need to go and what you need to do in order to fulfill your Destiny!

Kabbalistic Astrology, also called “Mazal” or “Mazalot”, (“zodiac,” “destiny”) is a system of astrology based Upon the Kabbalah. It is a sacred science that literally go back to the time of Abraham, the father of all nations. It is used to interpret and delineate a person’s birth chart, seeking to understand it through a Kabbalistic lens.


Most astrologers cast and use horoscopes to depict planetary placements which are believed to influence daily activities. But Kabbalistic astrologers tend to take a slightly different approach because they wish to observe the planets as they relate to the Spheres (Sefirot) in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (Energy Intelligences).


The diagram of the 10 Spheres is referred to as the Tree of Life

it teaches a concept called: “The language of the branches”:

The diagram of the 10 Spheres is referred to as the Tree of Life, it teaches a concept called: “The language of the branches”

This means that since we are in a physical body, in a physical world, and familiar with physical things, We can begin understanding the invisible, metaphysical world through physical metaphors and physical things that we know, And from these examples, grow in our grasp of the systems and processes of the spiritual realm.


The first Sphere on the tree of life “the Crown” which is the topmost Sphere, Symbolize the Darkness before the Creation  of the Universe or “The Holy Spirit”, The “Holy Spirit” is referred to as the Lord and Giver of Life. He is The Creator Spirit, Present before the creation of the universe and through his Power everything was made. 


In a Person life Sycle the “Crown” represent the time before you were born and before your mother got pregnant, but your soul was waiting to enter this world,

The second Sphere “Wisdom” Represent the creation of the Universe when God brings the Universe and Mankind out of the Darkness into being, in a series of Creative Acts (Book of Genesis).

In a Person life Sycle the “Wisdom” represent the time when you were an Embryo in your mother’s womb, by now your soul is Connected to your body and the final countdown to the day your soul chose to be born has been started.

Kingdom is the tenth of the Spheres in the Tree of Life. It sits at the bottom of the Tree, and connects all the other Spheres. This Sphere symbolized God Himself, Kabbalistic manuscripts teaches that Crown (the “highest” Sphere) is in Kingdom and Kingdom is in Crown, which Means: All things come from God, through God, and return to God!

In a Person life Sycle the “Kingdom Sphere” represent a paradox expresses two contradictory ideas that are both true at the same time: the Death of the human body and the Eternity of the Soul.

According to the Zohar (The Sacred Book of the Kabbalah). In the moment of your death, your soul will leave your physical body and will continue her journey to higher dimensions, But If you did not fulfilled your destiny in the physical world, your soul will return to earth (rolling) in to another body in order to complete its correction (Reincarnation).

the Kabbalistic tree of life has 10 Spheres but 3 of them are not used for Personal Astrologic Reading: The “Crown” which symbolize your soul before you were born, “Wisdom” which symbolize the time you were an Embryo and “Kingdom” which symbolize your soul after your death.


These Spheres are not considered a part of a person astrological life Sycle (day of birth to day of death) and will not be used in your reading chart, which leave us with
7 Spheres.

From the seven days of Creation to the many “sevens” in Revelation, the number seven connotes such concepts as completion and perfection, exoneration and healing, and the fulfillment of promises and oaths.


The Ancient Hebrews were well aware of the Sun, Moon, and five planets seen with the naked eye and the ancient astrologers  recognized their great importance. Therefore, the number 7 was held in very High regard.


For this reason, Kabbalistic Astrology only uses 7 planets for Astrological Personal Readings. Thousands of years later this astrologic method is still used by Astrologers all over the world, its called: “Traditional Rulerships”.

The book “Sefer Hamazalot” (The book of destiny) identified The correspondence of the constellations with their Tree of Life Spheres and their Astrological Sign as follows:

The book of destiny

Each of the 7 Spheres in the Tree of Life points to a specific Character trait and Each Sphere corresponds with a specific planet.


According to Kabbalah, each soul chooses to enter this world at a particular time, under the influence of a zodiac sign who corresponds with a specific Sphere and a specific Planet.


Your soul chose to enter this world at a particular moment in time which contains the best circumstances to face your life challenges, in order to overcome them and fulfill your destiny.

The book “Sefer Hamazalot” (The book of destiny) identified The correspondence of the constellations with their Tree of Life Spheres and their Astrological Sign as follows:

Kabbalistic Astrology helps us understand the reason your soul chose that moment, Using your astrological chart as a guide.


Kabbalistic Astrology IS NOT about fortune telling! A Kabbalistic Astrologer will never tell you what the future has in store for you!


The only thing he will share with you are the important signs that the universe is sending you, how to look for them and how to learn from them.


And if you start paying attention, you will realize that the universe is sending you signals all the time that show you where you need to go and what you need to do in order to fulfill your Destiny!

Aries | The Blood Sign

Aries belongs to the group of fire zodiac signs, and just as fire distributes enormous energy, Aries people will have inner fire and abundant personal energy. The element of the fire significantly affects pride and ego.

Aries is the initiator of action and characterized by energy and mental powers that are unique only to him.

In numerology, Aries is equal to 44, as the word blood. The blood procession in the human body teaches about life and the flow of abundance which affects the warm temperament of the Aries on everyone.

Aries people tend to ” bang their Head Through A Wall ” they have to learn from mistakes then, sometimes it is hard to live with them since they can be very impulsive and childish. At the same time, they fall in love easily and get excited as children, people who dislike boredom should be with them.

Taurus | Slow But Sure

Taureans are very mature, serious, and responsible types.
They will not waste their money but will be considerate and measured.

Adherence and perseverance characterize them and these will help them in achieving their goals.

They strive for stability and quiet life without surprises.

The earth element associated with them causes them to make calculated and considered decisions. They do not like to take risks and will make an important decision only after a comprehensive examination.

The earth element associated with Taurus causes heaviness, the changes in Taurus are slow and take time. Therefore, their Partners will have to be patient.

Taurus is ruled by the star of love Venus, hence the tendency of Taurus to seek after the pleasures of life and especially the pleasures of the flesh. The numerical value of Venus is 58, i.e. Noah (comfort in Hebrew). Taureans seek to move comfortably or sit in a place of comfort, and you defiantly don’t want to bug them!

Gemini | Fast and Frivolous

“Fast” is the first word that pops up in our minds when we think of a Gemini — quick to judge, quick to respond, and fast in its ability to change.


Geminis are worthy representatives of Mercury, the fastest planet in the solar system. It finishes its orbit around the sun in just 88 days, that is, at 90,000 miles per hour — almost twice the earth’s speed.


Like the planet that controls them, Geminis are quick-witted, while it usually takes time for most people to digest the information before taking action, Geminis collect information and act on it. If they see something, they understand it and act immediately. They can absorb problems in all aspects, analyze all perspectives and make a decision almost immediately.


For their partners, it is not easy to be the one to have the last word since they have an answer to everything and incredible persuasion skills.


Geminis are curious, creative, friendly, talented, intelligent, and open. But they can also be frivolous, volatile, impatient, tense, anxious, biting, prickly, gossipy, and mocking.


Mercury, which controls Gemini and Sivan (the Hebrew month), is the closest star to the sun, the source of light and energy. In Kabbalistic astrology, corporeal proximity indicates a spiritual similarity.


As the closest star to the sun, Mercury enjoys its spiritual imagination. As you might expect, the sun represents a spiritual dimension above the physical world in which we live, a world more directly connected to the light that created us. Mercury shares this potential connection with the light, and as the star shares it, Geminis do it, too.

Cancer | the Mothers and the Fathers

Cancers tend to be unstable, insecure, and domestically oriented, nor should we be surprised by the attempts of Cancers to find confidence and stability in material comfort.


Cancers are like the children of unpredictable and unstable parents: these children make up for their insecurities by becoming cautious, anxious, and possessive. Like their sign, cancers may build a protective shell around themselves from material objects to protect them from what looks like a volatile world.


Often, cancers have a round face. Their physical weakness is a sensitive stomach – they tend to suffer from digestive problems and may have a stomach ulcer.


Cancers also tend to suffer from emotional problems, they tend to be depressed and moody.


One of the positive aspects of this is that this hypersensitivity allows them to quickly understand what the other needs or wants.
Cancers eagerly monitor every movement or gesture and relentlessly pick up any hints of change or trouble.


They are also extremely vulnerable, so they are constantly torn between their sensitivity to the needs of others and their need to protect themselves.


For this reason, they may converge in a shell and hide behind a mask.

Fear of harm can paralyze them and prevent them from taking any action that can benefit others or themselves.


Cancers are the best mothers and fathers; they are warm, devoted, understanding, and thoughtful parents.

Leo | Royalty

Av is the fifth Hebrew month on the calendar. Ruled by the sun, which in Kabbalah represents the male aspect of the universe. The symbol of the month, Aria (Leo), is one of the four holy creatures. The other three are the bull, the eagle, and the man. The Book of Zohar explains that energy descends from the higher worlds into our world through these four beings.

Leos get their energy directly from the sun, and they are the only ones from all zodiac signs under its influence. That is why they believe the whole world revolves around them. Confident in their power and abilities, they transmit their self-confidence to the world.

Their presence is hard to ignore. their appearance is usually impressive and admirable, they tend to be the center of attention, walking around as royals among their loyal subjects, Leos demands respect. They are not like the rest of man. They are lions!

The weak spot of Leos is their hearts, and they are prone to diseases in the cardiovascular system. The Kabbalah tells us that the role of a Leo in the world is equal to the role of the heart in the body. They have the responsibility to pump and distribute all the energy they receive.

Leos barely trust other people, but when they already do, they choose spouses and counselors wisely. However, they tend to rely solely on themselves. They rarely ask for help because they do not feel that they need it.

As leaders from birth, Leos love to organize those around them, even if no one has asked them to do so. For this reason, we find many Leos in politics, education, and as managers of large organizations. Leos never stop looking for a kingdom to rule. They are targeted, deal well with stressful situations and behave generously and impartially with their subordinates.

Virgo | The Practical

The main characteristic of Virgos is order and wholeness, there is nothing that bothers them more than a disorder.


Their tables, houses, and cars are an example and models for efficiency, order, and cleanliness. In Virgos, everything has its place.


They are trustworthy and responsible, and their dignity obliges them to complete every task they have undertaken.


Their material world requires absolute order, and they are here to preserve it. Thanks to their commitment to the accuracy they have a high representation among editors, accountants, and analysts.

Among the other zodiac signs, there is not a single one whose sons enjoy the analytical, systematic, and logical ability of Virgos. But, their pursuit of perfection prevents them from seeing the whole picture. Their view of the world can be reduced to a single grain of sand when the whole beach has to be taken into account.


Virgo is one of the zodiac signs of the earth, and Virgos look at the world from a physical and practical point of view. To develop their spiritual potential, they must see beyond the material dimension of the world and remain open to the ideas and opinions of others.

Libra | Balance and Control

Libras see everything in balance – everything has several sides. They are not judgmental, because of their deep vision and sensitivity to every aspect and every detail, and because of that, they cannot make a decision.

This tendency of Libras brings them into confusion; A lot of thought will be put into weighing all possibilities, and eventually, they will find it difficult to reach a decision, because they are afraid of making mistakes. They can turn a very simple problem into a complex one.

Libras are sociable, reliable, open and warm, understand the pain of others, and love to help. However, it is difficult for them to give themselves to only one person and they need to feel confident in their relationships.

Although Venus is the star of love, Libras are indecisive when it comes to relationships, They will develop a fear of loving or being loved with a logical excuse that comes from the fear of being emotionally carried away and losing their identity and logical thinking.

The correction of Libras is to learn to make a decision and decide what they want. They must learn to trust the goodness of light, and understand that making mistakes is an inevitable part of the process of spiritual growth.

Scorpio | Fire and Water

When you meet a Scorpio, you can feel his energy and know immediately that you are in the company of a powerful person. Scorpios radiate magnetic power but look cold and self-controlled. They can be charming and even mesmerizing. In their presence, you feel an attraction, but also discomfort.


Scorpio may be ruled by the Planet Mars, but that doesn’t mean Scorpions are brave. It does mean that even the thought of confrontation Boils their blood. Once Scorpio smells danger, they prepare for any confrontation. And when they attack, the first blow is aimed straight to the heart.


Scorpions are both spiritually and physically strong. They possessed the willpower to fulfill every goal they set for themselves. They’re completely independent. Scorpio people are uncomfortable unless they are in control and have the upper hand.


According to the Kabbalistic book of creation, each zodiac sign relates to a specific part of the human body. Unsurprisingly, the organs associated with scorpions are the genitals— the same part of the human body that has so much influence on human behavior. Scorpios of both sexes are often portrayed as “sexy,” but when they use their sexual power they can be very destructive.


Their jealousy is extremely dangerous, the envy of Scorpio Can drive them crazy, so much so that they rain down amounts of negativity on their innocent victims. Becoming a Scorpio enemy can prove to be a destructive act.


Scorpios are eager to be in control, and what activates them are their emotions that go from extreme to extreme. Within seconds, they can change – from blind love to hatred. They do not forget even the smallest detail. Anyone who has hurt them in the past – family, friends, bank officials – will eventually feel their sting.


Scorpio is one of the water signs. But according to the kabbalah, this sign also relates to the fire. Scorpio people live in a paradox: water symbolizes giving and compassion, while fire symbolizes Bursting energy. The fire that burns among Scorpio people causes them to act on momentary impulses. They have little patience, so they can be extremely impulsive.

Sagittarius | The Heat is On

Sagittarius is one of the fire signs that is intimately connected to the element of the air. This means that Sagittarius are driven by fire, like a rocket, by force that hides deep within their souls. Because of this inner fire, Sagittarius are constantly looking for challenges and dangers. As we will see, this hast has positive and negative consequences.


Even as children, Sagittarius are differentiated from the rest of their teammates and are constantly looking for new challenges. This adventurous behavior, if not balanced with proper judgment, makes them particularly irresponsible. Testing boundaries is the only thing they care about. To succeed, Sagittarius people must be stressed. The pressure feeds them. Without him, they quickly lose interest.


When an opportunity for adventure is discovered, Sagittarius people are quick to jump on it – the more impossible the task seems, the greater their enthusiasm. They do not give up any opportunity for heroics, and are constantly seeking opportunities to stretch their limits. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the organs that refer to Sagittarius are the thighs and legs.


Sagittarius seek pleasures at almost any cost. They want instant gratification and produce them in taking risks and dealing with their fears. Therefore, their thoughts and actions are not focused on the goals themselves, but on the pleasure from achieving them.

Sagittarius are usually intelligent, or at least sensible people. They focus on the essentials. They like to learn new things, but oppose rigidity of any kind and tend to seek their education in an unconventional environment. Sagittarius are lovers of freedom and are unable to stay in one place for long. They prefer to explore new horizons, both corporeal and spiritual.


Sagittarius always have a happy ending. Jupiter’s influence convinces them that it will all end up well, since naturally they aspire to progress, once they run into a problem, they look for a way to solve it. They welcome the discomfort to move themselves forward.

Capricorn | Responsibility

Capricorn is one of the zodiac signs of the earth, and Capricorn people are often slow and heavy in their conduct. They are usually detained and do not speak often; It takes them a while to warm up and smile. Usually, Capricorn people have a bony appearance and their appearance is rough. The body parts that connect to the Capricorn sign are the skin and bones. Capricorn people tend to prefer the company of themselves like monks. Capricorn people are deeply connected to the material-physical world.


From an early age, Capricorn people feel that they have to accept responsibility. They often abandon their dreams prematurely and face the cold reality of adult life. For this reason, they may feel at a later age that certain things have been denied from them. Usually, they are serious people who do not give in easily. In their opinion, everyone is responsible for their own life. Capricorn people believe that there are no free gifts and that everyone must work to fulfill themselves. In short, Capricorn people look at the world in a matter-of-fact way.


The “Book of Creation” (an ancient Kabbalah book describing the creation of the universe) describes the inner energy of Saturn’s star as dry and cold energy. This is why Capricorn people find it difficult to express their feelings, to give, and to receive love. The lack of heat is part of the lives of many of the Capricorn people.

Capricorn is the most materialistic sign in the Zodiac. All the thoughts and feelings of the Capricorn tend to connect to the physical side. They have analytical talent, which brings many of them to be successful scientists and businessmen. 


Capricorn people are independent and do not tolerate authority. Their determination helps them achieve a certain social status, which they try to steadily improve. They are demanding, both for themselves and towards others, they are reliable but slowly progressing, step by step, to defend themselves. They are very practical people, and always try to be busy to stay one step ahead of their competitors. Capricorn people know that in order to achieve their goals, in any field, hard work and determination are required.


In a position in the zodiac, the Capricorn represents the midpoint in the sky— the highest point in the firmament. From this vantage point, they can see the spiritual and physical goals of life. Despite their tendency to focus on the material side of things, the potential to see the spiritual dimension exists with the same intensity.


We are all made of matter and spirit, body and soul – a combination of the physical and metaphysical. Kabbalah teaches us that we must remain equally connected to both worlds, spiritual and material. These spiritual concepts are no strangers to Capricorn people; They have tremendous spiritual potential, provided they want to discover and develop it.

Aquarius | Brilliant & Bizarre

Aquarians are original and unique types who don’t like to play by the rules. They are Brilliantly thoughtful, creative, and highly intelligent.


Aquarians seek justice and improvement for the benefit of society as a whole, they are prominently aware of the abundance, unity, and infinite possibilities that characterize the modern era, but they find it difficult to execute their great ideas.


Aquarians are kind, social, and have a prominent ability to communicate with other people.

On the other hand, an Aquarius who loves all human beings and connects with them easily will struggle with emotional commitment because of his egotistical nature.


Electricity is flowing through their bodies ignites their imaginations. They also cross boundaries with love, a tendency toward kinky and strange, extraordinary love, and a desire to love in their own special way. They have a tendency towards open love, without rules, bizarre, and originality.


Aquarians work in unconventional jobs. Work must be original and innovative, and sometimes represent society like politicians and media people. Other professions: computers, sciences, astrology, electricity, and astronomy.

Pisces | Game Over

They say great souls who only have a little “correction” will reincarnate in Pisces. Probably as a result of this abundance of gifts, Pisces is the most humble luck in the zodiac, and naturally it gives up to others. 


Pisces are extremely sensitive; They feel the vibrations and emotions of the events that occur around them. Moreover, out of their desire to eliminate the suffering of others, they accept the suffering and problems and carry them as if they were their own.


People like to tell their deepest secrets to Pisces and consult them, knowing that they will find comfort and support. But, Pisces must remember that if they allow their sensibility to take over, they can’t help others. They must remember that sometimes it is necessary to tell others what is wrong so that they can confront their problems as a first step towards the “correction”. Too often Pisces is wrong and allows their compassion to obscure the truth.


Pisces are usually happy with what they have and who they are. If and when they have a desire for something else or something difficult to achieve, Pisces will sometimes lack the means to struggle to achieve it. 


More than any other sign, Pisces know that eventually, everything will work out. They are well aware that everything in the world is an illusion— that everything has already been decided, and the suffering of this world is only temporary. So what’s to fight for? After all, life is just a game and the dice have already been cast. This passive concept sometimes condemns Pisces to a life of complacency, such as fish in the aquarium— a life in which all their needs have already been fulfilled. 


Some of the signs in the zodiac are a pair (e.g. Gemini, Libra). This duplication is due to the intrinsic nature of the sign. Pisces is the only sign that appears in plural. Why are Pisces always represented in two fish that swim opposite to each other in different directions? Because Pisces is connected to two worlds: corporeal, because they are human beings; And spiritual, because they evolved with a different level of awareness. Pisces can travel between these worlds, to understand the spirit beyond matter as they also make the spirit tangible.